Saturday, September 24, 2011

Intense Sensations

Vanessa at intensesensations has so very kindly awarded me a shiny green award! Generous in the face of my blog-neglect of late, especially.

Rather than nominate 15 people (because that's a lot of work, meme-dudes) I'll refer you to Vanessa's varied and versatile review blog. Her reviews are a delight, her subject matter a wonderful blend of literary and erotic texts. Have I put her on my blog roll yet? If not, it's only down to the laziness and neglect, not any other reason. Thanks Vanessa!

Here are some Vida facts for you to say 'hmmmm' about:

1. Vida may or may not have used her pseudonym as part of one of her children's names...
2. Vida recently went through a rollercoaster of elation and crushing disappointment when she discovered Daim cake in her local supermarket, only to find it was a special promotion, and everyone had bought it up by the time she went back for more.
3. Vida likes  loves to work from her bed, and is currently stymied by the broken condition of her laptop, and the even more broken condition of her finances.
4. Vida thoroughly expects rejection from every market she submits to, and lives in fear of the day she starts anticipating success and gets crushed. I think I may have been overconfident about one*
5. Vida doesn't write much. Lack of discipline, tiredness, distractions in the form of internet entertainment, tiredness, dullness of thought. When the inspiration comes, it's great, but ... it's rare.
6. Vida loves the thought process of idea-formulation. Where do they come from? I love how they grow as if implanted, seed-like, by the unseen hands of a celestial gardener with a trepanning-trowel.
7. Vida suspects it would all be much, much better if she could have 9 hours sleep a night. 


Vanessa said...

Vida, like you I prefer write in bed but during the week I'm forced to write in some very unlikely places.

It's getting to be quite a thrill writing wickedly filthy sex scenes in my little black book while men in suits are looking me up and down in Starbucks.