Thursday, May 10, 2012

sex in the open

I've lost friends, I think, by being too open about sex. Liberal people, but old school liberal - people who think it should all be sacred and intimate and personal, behind closed doors. You think they'd be really tolerant and accepting, but either their experience doesn't go that far, or they're old school feminist anti-porn, maybe, or they're scared or they don't have the vocabulary or they're Christian about it maybe, or, or... ? I dunno, really. 
So I like to write about sex. I like this tumblr gathering of people who are so unabashedly positive about their enjoyment and appreciation of sex. A group of women who talk about masturbating, with humour and hunger and joy, oh my! It's groundbreaking, really. 
I like to read about sex, and write about it, and look at pictures like this one, and feel not only the tiny earthquate vibration of arousal but also... the awe, the wonder at the beauty of people, of sex, of the communion with each other and ourselves that can take place. See what's revealed, what's experienced. Look at this woman stripped bare, and glowing, and gone to another place, and ... held there. I love that there's a space to talk about that, now. As far away as it may be. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

amusing things from the world of language learning

My Brazilian student, who can't understand why no one understands her, informed me the other day that she loves drinking cock. She drinks cock all the time.

I hurrried to correct her, and retold the story yesterday, when I as bravely teaching them the words for genitals.

Backstory: one is a young Spanish guy who likes hunting. I'm trying to stop him saying Hhhhhello! like Inigo Montoya, and I told him he sounds like a Romantic Spanish Man when he does. Especially when he keeps telling us he sings flamenco all the time. And he's very tactile. Thankfully, he has a good sense of humour, and we've started a running 'Hhhello! joke.

As soon as I mentioned the 'drinking cock' story, he laughed and suggested using it as a chat up line in a nightclub, following up with a delighted, HHELLO!

Fantastic. I hope noone was listening at the door...

Another teacher then reported an ex Japanese student of mine, whose pronunciation isn't so hot, saying 'copulation' instead of cooperation. And the whole class jumping in to help her get it right. Then later she talked about a Japanese masturbation charity and they all rushed to stop her, until it turned out that she really did mean masturbation volunteers- they're called White Hands, for their latex gloves, and they perform the very worthy service of helping out disabled with hand jobs. More power to them, I think this is really excellent, and honest, and ... right.