Thursday, November 15, 2012

Morning Noon and Night

Well, I am an idiot, who due to inner confusion cannot read calendars or understand dates, and I've posted this by accident not once, but twice! But I've checked the list twice, and many times over the last couple days, and I'm pretty certain that today is the fifteenth and therefore time to hit publish. Finally. Apologies to the three people who've seen it already. SO:

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Ok, I confess, I already posted this paragraph about this antho in an earlier post: 

Remember the days when it seemed taboo to admit to really liking the person you were sleeping with? Ireland doesn't really do dating... at least it didn't back when I was ... not dating. People tend to get drunk and hook up, and if they REALLY like each other then they MIGHT consider sex sober, and if that goes well they MIGHT go out together in a non-sex situation. And then at some point they MIGHT admit to having feelings of affection. Maybe. 

And that's a really quick summary of what I was thinking of when I wrote this story. I'm now thinking about the girls' nights out we went on that we were hoping would end with a more intimate  hook up, and we'd blow off our grlz for the promise of a little bit of body contact and affection and arousal. No sisters before misters for us! Or was that just me? Oops... 

The truth is my prowling ended in monogamy fairly quickly (far too quickly, really, my granny was right!) but before that, I do remember a time when I used to stay in a friend's house on Friday nights, but bring my bag out with me, 'just in Jason' - Jay had leathers and my favourite long blond hair 'n' beard combo. He didn't inspire this story (for in truth he was a bit of an ass) but the feeling of not being allowed to admit to liking him did. It's a depressing story, that feeling of knowing no one's going to fall in love with you, or even be friends with you, they just want sex, and they know you'll be grateful for that and not cause any fuss. I know a girl barely in her twenties who still lets this happen to her, or at least she did - and it makes me so sad. I wish there was a way to teach us it's not worth it. Not Worth It! I hope there is.

So in this story, the heroine thinks that's what's going on, and tries to protect herself from it. But it's hard to stay away. And all might not be what it seems... 

Find my story '1 am, Girls' Night Out' in Morning, Noon and Night by Alison Tyler