Friday, September 2, 2011

Bound By Lust!

Sigh of relief!

I just got a beautiful mail from Shanna Germain, she of the sparkly new website. The news is that her meticulously selected collection of romantic bondage stories has made Cleis very happy, and they've chosen them all, and best of all, I'm in it too! By the skin of my panties, and very gratefully-pantied I am too.

Because, ooo, look at the lineup:

Reclaiming Spring  Sommer Marsden 
Being His Bitch  Janine Ashbless
Spring Training  Donna George Storey
A Preference for Deference  Allison Wonderland
The Heart of Chaos  Rachel Kramer Bussel
Under the Clock  Justine Elyot
Steps  Evan Mora
Brush Strokes  Kristina Wright
No Sleep  Kristina Lloyd 
Crossing the Line  Dominic Santi
A Few Things to Pick Up on Your Way Home  Andrea Dale
Life Lines  Nikki Magennis
Alana Noël Voth
Whippoorwill  Teresa Noelle Roberts
Slave Sister  Vida Bailey
A Beautiful Corpse  Craig Sorensen
Eine Klein Spanking  Clarice Clique 
Defining the Terms  Sharazade
Devil's Night  Veronica Wilde

I keep looking at anthos I didn't submit to, and thinking Damn, I want to be in that, look at the authors, and now I am VERY happy to be in with my gang. I mean, seriously, look at the lineup. Look at the page sharing love!

Woo yay! Thank you Shanna. I can't wait to see the cover. 


Anonymous said...

You sound so excited! Congratulations, Vida, I'm looking forward to it.

Craig Sorensen said...

It's good to be on adjacent pages with you, Vida.

Pretty freakin' awesome!

Jo said...
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Anonymous said...

I am excited! Perhaps to an unprofessional degree :) I've just been doing a lot of waiting recently, it's nice to have something a bit more concrete.

Craig, it's great. It really is.

Vida :D