Saturday, September 22, 2012

Deep Desires by Charlotte Stein

Deep DesiresDeep Desires by Charlotte Stein
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Man. I had no expectations of this book, knew nothing about it - only a very intense and lengthy review that didn't quite make sense to me, not having read it. It does now!

Like the previous reviewer, I read all this book at once - I can't imagine being able to stop and start it - though that would match the initial teasing uncertain flow of the interaction.

This book is dedicated to delicious tension, yet there's no tease - once the relationship gets going it lives up to its tender promise utterly. A wonderful, sympathetic, beautifully drawn couple. I love the tiny world with its huge boundaries - it's bound by past and present fears and Charlotte carries it through so well.

It's brilliant.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Morning, Noon and Night

Thank you thank you to Cora Zane for her lovely review of 'One am Girls' Night Out' from Alison Tyler's Morning, Noon and Night. It's so wonderful when someone sees the same thing in your story that you did! I'm also happy because I was just thinking demoralising things about my lack of talent, so this has been a nice little pick me up. You can see the review on Alison's blog here. And you can also one of my reviews of another story from the book there too - we writers are having a happy little ... well, Alison called it a clusterfuck, but I think it's more of a circlejerk, really... over there about our favourite stories from the book, extra fun. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

why is M/M so appealing?

I mentioned how attractive the idea of men is together to some friends last night, during a night of both serious and ridiculous sex discussion (remind me to tell you about Spiderman Monkeyface). The man and woman I was talking to were surprised at this, didn't agree - another friend came back into the room and said, aw, YEAH, that's so hot. She said the ultimate indulgence would be getting to sleep with two bi men. I revealed how popular M/M twislash fic is with mom writers and they were startled.

The thing is, the guy I was talking to wanted to know why, what it is about it that's exciting. I found it really hard to put into words.

Myself and the other enthusiast came up with the idea that it's maybe the sight of seeing two men doing exactly what they want, as they want it, with less compromise than a man and a woman make. Or that M/F porn is always about the male viewers' image and idea of what they want in a woman/what the woman wants, where M/M is made by men for men. Though the erotica is often by women for women, so I dunno.

What's so good about stubble on stubble?

I suppose for me, there's still something slightly transgressive about it. Two men defying cultural morées to get exactly what they want - there's something so hot about that. In the same way threesomes are deliciously ... what's the word? Licentious? People doing something because it's good. Because they want it.

And then there's the contrast of lack of contrast - hard faces, hard bodies, mirror images. Perhaps there's something beautifully narcissistic about same-sex sex.

It's more than all this though. But I can't really put it into words. I have no idea why. I know a lot of women out there know exactly what it is and write it beautifully, so I'm not worried.