Sunday, December 30, 2012

next little thing

Madeline Moore kindly asked me to participate in writing about My Next Big Thing, but I don't have a big thing to write about, as the Novel continues to elude me. She said it would be ok to write about a short story, and I will, but looking at the questions involved, it feels silly - so I will just share the cold details of the antho with you all and leave it at that.

The wonderful, joyous title of Alison Tyler's forthcoming antho is The Big Book of Bondage. Isn't that perfect? I'm thinking the next one should be The Girls' Own Book of Bondage, actually, I might have to suggest that. There's another one in the wings, I hope I can write something for it.

My story in this one is called Life Drawing, and it's a sweet little one about a woman who meets an old flame at a life drawing class and accepts his invitation to come up and see his etchings... and be drawn by him.

It was born out of my own small experience of sitting for friends, and feeling what it feels like to be looked at in such a studied way, and the places my thoughts went ... which were to how pretty a subject shibari would be - and online I found photos from Shibari life drawing sessions, which were just perfect!

Oh, this was one - dolls' chairs in bondage - this was just fun.

And I loved this one, where she stitches in thread for the rope.

But this is the sort of thing I was thinking of.

And this is where the story ends up...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Morning Noon and Night

Well, I am an idiot, who due to inner confusion cannot read calendars or understand dates, and I've posted this by accident not once, but twice! But I've checked the list twice, and many times over the last couple days, and I'm pretty certain that today is the fifteenth and therefore time to hit publish. Finally. Apologies to the three people who've seen it already. SO:

Blog tour! Check out Ms Alison Tyler's blog for more dates and info. 

Ok, I confess, I already posted this paragraph about this antho in an earlier post: 

Remember the days when it seemed taboo to admit to really liking the person you were sleeping with? Ireland doesn't really do dating... at least it didn't back when I was ... not dating. People tend to get drunk and hook up, and if they REALLY like each other then they MIGHT consider sex sober, and if that goes well they MIGHT go out together in a non-sex situation. And then at some point they MIGHT admit to having feelings of affection. Maybe. 

And that's a really quick summary of what I was thinking of when I wrote this story. I'm now thinking about the girls' nights out we went on that we were hoping would end with a more intimate  hook up, and we'd blow off our grlz for the promise of a little bit of body contact and affection and arousal. No sisters before misters for us! Or was that just me? Oops... 

The truth is my prowling ended in monogamy fairly quickly (far too quickly, really, my granny was right!) but before that, I do remember a time when I used to stay in a friend's house on Friday nights, but bring my bag out with me, 'just in Jason' - Jay had leathers and my favourite long blond hair 'n' beard combo. He didn't inspire this story (for in truth he was a bit of an ass) but the feeling of not being allowed to admit to liking him did. It's a depressing story, that feeling of knowing no one's going to fall in love with you, or even be friends with you, they just want sex, and they know you'll be grateful for that and not cause any fuss. I know a girl barely in her twenties who still lets this happen to her, or at least she did - and it makes me so sad. I wish there was a way to teach us it's not worth it. Not Worth It! I hope there is.

So in this story, the heroine thinks that's what's going on, and tries to protect herself from it. But it's hard to stay away. And all might not be what it seems... 

Find my story '1 am, Girls' Night Out' in Morning, Noon and Night by Alison Tyler

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sudden Sex

I have a tiny wee story called Night Heat in this new anthology of 69 stories by Alison Tyler. I confess, it could have been more, but I was lazy. This one's a little flight of fancy set in the moonlight and in the dark.  No listing for it yet, but coming soon, no doubt. 

Monday, October 1, 2012


I hate you, blogger. Why can't I update my pictures n things? Don't say 'specify image' when I've specified it as much as I can. Don't you know how long it's taken me to get round to actually doing this? Demoralised*

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Deep Desires by Charlotte Stein

Deep DesiresDeep Desires by Charlotte Stein
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Man. I had no expectations of this book, knew nothing about it - only a very intense and lengthy review that didn't quite make sense to me, not having read it. It does now!

Like the previous reviewer, I read all this book at once - I can't imagine being able to stop and start it - though that would match the initial teasing uncertain flow of the interaction.

This book is dedicated to delicious tension, yet there's no tease - once the relationship gets going it lives up to its tender promise utterly. A wonderful, sympathetic, beautifully drawn couple. I love the tiny world with its huge boundaries - it's bound by past and present fears and Charlotte carries it through so well.

It's brilliant.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Morning, Noon and Night

Thank you thank you to Cora Zane for her lovely review of 'One am Girls' Night Out' from Alison Tyler's Morning, Noon and Night. It's so wonderful when someone sees the same thing in your story that you did! I'm also happy because I was just thinking demoralising things about my lack of talent, so this has been a nice little pick me up. You can see the review on Alison's blog here. And you can also one of my reviews of another story from the book there too - we writers are having a happy little ... well, Alison called it a clusterfuck, but I think it's more of a circlejerk, really... over there about our favourite stories from the book, extra fun. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

why is M/M so appealing?

I mentioned how attractive the idea of men is together to some friends last night, during a night of both serious and ridiculous sex discussion (remind me to tell you about Spiderman Monkeyface). The man and woman I was talking to were surprised at this, didn't agree - another friend came back into the room and said, aw, YEAH, that's so hot. She said the ultimate indulgence would be getting to sleep with two bi men. I revealed how popular M/M twislash fic is with mom writers and they were startled.

The thing is, the guy I was talking to wanted to know why, what it is about it that's exciting. I found it really hard to put into words.

Myself and the other enthusiast came up with the idea that it's maybe the sight of seeing two men doing exactly what they want, as they want it, with less compromise than a man and a woman make. Or that M/F porn is always about the male viewers' image and idea of what they want in a woman/what the woman wants, where M/M is made by men for men. Though the erotica is often by women for women, so I dunno.

What's so good about stubble on stubble?

I suppose for me, there's still something slightly transgressive about it. Two men defying cultural morées to get exactly what they want - there's something so hot about that. In the same way threesomes are deliciously ... what's the word? Licentious? People doing something because it's good. Because they want it.

And then there's the contrast of lack of contrast - hard faces, hard bodies, mirror images. Perhaps there's something beautifully narcissistic about same-sex sex.

It's more than all this though. But I can't really put it into words. I have no idea why. I know a lot of women out there know exactly what it is and write it beautifully, so I'm not worried.

Monday, August 27, 2012


So, I'm not sure where to put this post, but I suppose it should be here. I amused myself tonight. Let me set the scene.

I found myself a new imaginary boyfriend recently,  to go with my imaginary sex life.

New porn Star Crush, Manuel Ferrarra. It might not be real, sure, but how do I love him? Let me count the ways:
general bigness, modesty (blushing at compliments!) favouring kissing, enthusiastic real-sex, not porn-sex porn, if that makes sense to anyone, affection, contact, FRENCHNESS, strongness, and enough intensity to melt an iceberg. He's slightly embarrassing to watch sometimes because of it, but ohhhh.

I found something great this evening. Live porn. It's interactive! Well, it was at one point. But the best bit is, you get to see them talking. Being. Chatting. It's all chilled and real and convincing. And... sweet. It so works for me, even if it's a cynical marketing ploy, I don't care. I don't think it is, exactly, but I think there's something good there too.

Anyway. So, I'm watching this, and loving the conversation, and rolling fondant to make a pregnant mother cake topper. My hands are full of black food dye and I'm mixing a big ball of fondant to make it more vividly coloured (if black can be vivid) and I look down and see that I've created... this:


I also love how I got the giant naked man into the photo as well.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sudden Sex!

New book, new line up by Alison Tyler! I only got it together to write one story for this. I have notes for something else somewhere, but writing isn't happening right now. I think I have one more bit of news to come soon, and after that I'd better start submitting things again. 

But, here's a lovely juicy big list of shorties by Alison, doesn't it look great? Lots of my favourite writer friends in there, so lovely to see. Hi everyone! 

Cover to come soon. 

Sudden Sex

Booked by Alison Tyler
Frank by Donna George Storey
Riding the 5:15 by Sophia Valenti
Peach-Colored Panties by Thomas S. Roche
Reserved by Jax Baynard
Night Visitor by Cheyenne Blue 
Tripartite by Georgia E. Jones 
Lift a Finger by Jeremy Edwards
Stopover by ADR Forte
The Point of Least Resistance by Saskia Walker 
Misdirection by Victoria Janssen 
Sweet and Spicy by Kat Watson 
Working Up a Sweat by Heidi Champa
Come As You Are by Andrea Dale
Possessive Tense by Raziel Moore
Necessities for a Perfect Marriage by Ashley Lister
One Sleep by Maria See
Crawling Through Temptation by Elise Hepner 
Tick-Tock by Rita Winchester
Throwing Sugar by Jeremy Edwards
Bound to Serve by Mina Murray 
Naugahyde by Sommer Marsden
The Perfect Pair by Sophia Valenti
Taming His Wild Cat by Andrea Dale
At the Car Wash by Lucy Felthouse
The Exorcism by Veronica Wilde 
My Army Buddy’s Girlfriend by N.T. Morley 
Two Man Job by A. M. Hartnett
Sex in the Shower by Thomas S. Roche 
Deep Throat, Deep Love by Kristina Lloyd
Hoarder by Bella Dean
TV Repairs by Sophia Valenti
Triptych by Kat Watson
Seasonal Affected Disorder by Gina Marie
The Scribe by Tabitha Rayne 
Come to the Light by Maria See
Night Heat by Vida Bailey
For the Moment by Kiki DeLovely
Obey All Signs by Andrea Dale
Girls Sleep with Girls by Giselle Renarde
The Dealmakers by A.M. Hartnett
Among the Trees by Heidi Champa
Last Call by Sophia Valenti 
I’d Rather Go Blind by Tenille Brown
Rubber Chicken by Thomas S. Roche
Sugar Upsets My Vagina by Kristina Lloyd
Clement by Sommer Marsden
Heart on the Dance Floor by Stella Harris
The Not-So-Blushing Bride by Lucy Felthouse
Homecoming by Sophia Valenti
Dress Me Up Pretty by K. Lynn
Committee Work by Jeremy Edwards
Queen of Parking Lot Blowjobs by Giselle Renarde
Helluva Thing by A.M. Hartnett
Mad Ghosts of Lust by Kristina Lloyd
Bookmarked by Alison Tyler
Cuckhold’s Nest by D. L. King 
Cookie by Sharon Wachsler
Eye of the Beholder by Stella Harris
Stress Relief by K. Lynn
If You Know Where To Look by Giselle Renarde
Thrill the Competition by Allison Wonderland
Cosmic Fate by Angell Brooks
Let Me Tie You Up? By Devin Phillips
Nice Dream by J.Sinclaire
Eva by Donna George Storey
Dress Code by N.T. Morley
Consequences by Cheyenne Blue
Bookended by Alison Tyler

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Rudest Number

Look at this beautiful tome and its stellar line up from Alison Tyler! Is it not fabulous? It's great to see this book coming to fruition, and I love the Garden of Delights on the cover. Dive in, readers, dive in. 

Countdown by Violet Blue
The Kitchen Kink by Alison Tyler
Hare Coursing by Janine Ashbless
Pulse by Vida Bailey
Speed Mating by Sophia Valenti
Permission by Justine Elyot
Star Fucker by John Albert 
The Redi-Wash by Jax Baynard 
Selections from a Bedroom Closet by Thomas S. Roche
Dress Rehearsal by Sommer Marsden
Good Cop, Bad Cop (a story) by Kristina Lloyd
Come at Six by Portia Da Costa
Plus One by Nikki Magennis
I Dare You by Emma Hillman 
Two Ways by Dante Davidson
Manners by Georgia E. Jones 
Another Country Heard From by Eric Williams
Frosted Kisses by Vida Bailey 
Summoned by Raziel Moore
His by Charlotte Stein
Talk to the Hand by Allison Wonderland
Three Days by Cate Robertson
Reclamation by Willsin Rowe
Open by Donna George Storey
Frozen by Aisling Weaver
The Welcome Wagon by Sophia Valenti
Hot Cross Buns by Shanna Germain 
Granny Panties by Sommer Marsden
Touchless by Alison Tyler
Cast Party by Jeremy Edwards
Fall Back by N.T. Morley
Love, Honor and Obey by Janine Ashbless
Permissive by Justine Elyot
Hot in the City by Saskia Walker
Add It Up by Nikki Magennis
Crossed by Dante Davidson 
The Funeral by Georgia E. Jones 
Floating in Blue by Teresa Noelle Roberts 
Suite Surprise by Cate Robertson
Shoulders by Donna George Storey
Saturday by Willsin Rowe
Based on a True Story by Kristina Lloyd
The Barest Offering by Aisling Weaver
Hers by Charlotte Stein
Translation by Sommer Marsden
Dessert by Sophia Valenti
Skill by Aisling Weaver
Attic Moment by Janine Ashbless
Satisfied Customers by Ashley Lister
Closing Distance by Raziel Moore
Friends in Need by Saskia Walker
Homecoming by Willsin Rowe
The Long Afternoon by N.T. Morley
Naked Lunch by Angell Brooks
Just a Kiss Away by Thomas S. Roche
Goes by Sommer Marsden
Waking the Neighbors by Heidi Champa
Ours by Charlotte Stein
Mathematics by Nikki Magennis
Laplanders by Jeremy Edwards
Slave Market in Monochrome by Kristina Lloyd
In the Cold with You by Victoria Janssen 
Listen by Emma Hillman
Come at Nine by Portia Da Costa
The Eskimo Game by Donna George Storey
Reflection by Saskia Walker
Permitted by Justine Elyot
Never Alone by Alison Tyler
Every Dollar by N.T. Morley
A is for Anal, Z is for Zenith by Shanna Germain
How Early? By Thomas Roche

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

consent and assertiveness

I was just remembering a story my best friend told me, about a game of Spin the Bottle when we were 15 or 16, and several unhappy moments in a bathroom with a guy called Andy that left her feeling shaken and upset. She didn't want to. He didn't notice? It was her older brother who sort of tried to rape me twice in the same era. I don't know if that's relevant at all. Except that surely we weren't the only ones having these experiences.

Consent, is what we need to teach our sons and daughters about. Not just what No sounds like, but what it looks like, as well. What it feels like. How to recognise it, and what to do when you notice. It's awkward for boys, too. I don't believe it's all testosterone and uncontrollable horniness. There is shyness and awkwardness and prowess and peer pressure mixed in. Expectation. So we all need to learn to be more in touch. To understand which pressure is more important to listen to, the one that's saying, I don't want this - or the one that's pushing you to do something that will hurt you or someone else?

This is what should be taught in school. Understanding, self knowledge, asseriveness and consent. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

on receiving pleasure

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Veronica Wilde, author of “Devil’s Night”

Welcome to Veronica, and her story Devil's Night, from Bound By Lust

Who doesn’t love a play party? And who doesn’t love Halloween?
My story “Devil’s Night” actually takes place on the night before Halloween – the night when mischief reigns and tricks of a diabolical kind might be played. But it does take place at a play party, the very first one my character Ariel attends. And wow, is there some mischief afoot.
First Ariel’s boyfriend Tanner takes her to a party where topless maids and leashed boys are the norm. Then she sees Devin, the bike messenger from her office – young, arrogant and dangerously cute. Though she wants to play innocent with him, she winds up in a compromising position in a laundry room, then lies to her boyfriend about it. But the joke’s on her when she finds out that both men already know each other and were testing her loyalty. As punishment, she’s going to be the central attraction at the play party:

Ariel wobbled on her high heels as Tanner forced her to walk in front of him into the living room. Here the play party was fully underway with floggings, spankings and other scenes everywhere she looked. Yet to her rising panic, almost everyone stopped to look curiously at her. Of course, she thought miserably, I’m the new girl here. Her head reeled as Tanner clapped his hands.
“Hello everyone. This is Ariel. She was dishonest tonight and you know how we all feel about that. So now she’s going to be punished.”
She stared desperately at thick dark carpet. She felt like an object, a sex doll displayed for everyone to see.
Tanner smiled deviously. “Darren, Mitch, put the footstool in front of the mirror. I want everyone to watch this but I want to force her to watch as well.”
Watch what?
 “Go lay down across the footstool,” Tanner commanded and pushed her in front of him.
Catching sight of Devin’s smirk, her first instinct was to protest. But she obeyed. The footstool was a wide black leather ottoman big enough to cradle most of her. She was aware of every eye in the room on her as she awkwardly knelt on the floor and lowered herself onto the leather until her arms and head dangled from one end, her ass and legs from the other. It was an undignified position and the knowledge that cocky Devin was watching made it even worse. How could she ever face him in the office again?
Her panic intensified as the two men Tanner had called on bent over. One quickly cuffed her wrists together in black leather restraints while the other slipped her ankles into an iron spreader bar with two circular enclosures. It forced her legs apart until her red velvet dress strained tight against her thighs. Her face and bound wrists faced the mirror so she could see all of the guests gathering behind her. Her heart began to pound like a trapped animal’s. What were they planning on doing to her?
Tanner spoke to someone else, who handed him a black leather paddle. Oh god no. Was he really going to spank her here in front of everyone? He spanked her at home of course, and she loved it, but that was different from being spanked in public as a punishment. Unable to stop herself, Ariel twisted helplessly on the footstool. “Tanner, please.”
The first ringing slap on her bottom silenced her immediately. “Any further protests will result in additional blows,” Tanner said in a severe tone. “Is that understood?”
She nodded miserably.
She cringed, waiting for the next. Instead Tanner gently rubbed her ass through her dress, stroking her inner thighs. Abruptly, he pulled her dress up to her waist. She cringed, knowing everyone was looking at her tiny thong and thigh-high stockings.
“Well, now. Let’s see what you showed Devin.”
To her mortification, he slid her thong down her thighs and exposed her pussy to the entire room. Reflexively she tried to close her legs but the spreader bar held them far apart. Her face burned with embarrassment as everyone crowded around for a closer look.
I love writing M/M/F scenes, so this was a very fun story for me to write.
BoundBy Lust  is an incredibly hot read, with naughty stories of all kind to inspire your summer nights. Don’t forget to stop by the next stop on the tour with Teresa Noelle Roberts tomorrow - and of course you can always stop by and visit me , too.
Happy reading. ;)