Sunday, December 30, 2012

next little thing

Madeline Moore kindly asked me to participate in writing about My Next Big Thing, but I don't have a big thing to write about, as the Novel continues to elude me. She said it would be ok to write about a short story, and I will, but looking at the questions involved, it feels silly - so I will just share the cold details of the antho with you all and leave it at that.

The wonderful, joyous title of Alison Tyler's forthcoming antho is The Big Book of Bondage. Isn't that perfect? I'm thinking the next one should be The Girls' Own Book of Bondage, actually, I might have to suggest that. There's another one in the wings, I hope I can write something for it.

My story in this one is called Life Drawing, and it's a sweet little one about a woman who meets an old flame at a life drawing class and accepts his invitation to come up and see his etchings... and be drawn by him.

It was born out of my own small experience of sitting for friends, and feeling what it feels like to be looked at in such a studied way, and the places my thoughts went ... which were to how pretty a subject shibari would be - and online I found photos from Shibari life drawing sessions, which were just perfect!

Oh, this was one - dolls' chairs in bondage - this was just fun.

And I loved this one, where she stitches in thread for the rope.

But this is the sort of thing I was thinking of.

And this is where the story ends up...