Saturday, November 29, 2014

wolves and silicon boyfriends

I love my friend Cassie. Last night we were watching Wolves , a film I had mixed responses to, and afterwards I showed her the male sex dolls that are hitting the market for $7,600 at the moment.

A semi-serious, semi hilarious conversation ensued, including her gems suggesting that if there was a Jason Momoa-shaped one, the credit union would sign off on that loan in a heart beat and also that she would imagine there'd have to be an intervention (Alright, Vida, it's time to get off him now... No! Noooo!).

I suggested my two issues after the cost would be where to keep it and how to hide it from my kids - she gestured darkly towards the large wooden chest in the corner. But I don't want a vampire plastic lover, really I don't.

I love my friend, I really do. We laughed and coughed a lot. And ate Indian dinner, and drank wine.

Wolves had so much potential but the question about why special effects and costumes still default to the 'Mr.Badger' style wolfman/woman endures. Sigh. Also, reports of the porny sex scene where the characters start changing as they get it on were grossly (and disappointingly) exaggerated.  A film I really wish I could steam in and rewrite.

In other news, I told Cassie about CAKESHIFTER and she begged me to write it for her for Christmas. I just might. Might even put it on Amazon, too!