Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I don't really know what to do with the stuff any more

I read this post on 'to pube or not to pube' by Cara Sutra, and started writing this in the comments, 'til I realised it was one of those comments-that-are-blog-posts.

 I agree that it's very hard to say what our 'natural' preference would be, away from the pressures of fashion.

I remember being horrified by my first few pubic hairs, and cutting them off, in a sort of, oh god, what the hell are these, they're not meant to be here! sort of way. Maybe if I'd seen my mother naked more I wouldn't have felt like that? They would have just felt like ... mine?

As a teenager in Ireland in the early 90s, I just 'had' pubic hair. It wasn't the kind you couldn't hid under a swim suit or knickers, so that made it easier to accept. The boyfriend I had from 17 and who I married also had pubes, it was just what people had. I'd never come across anyone who shaved or waxed. He liked it. He didn't really like the idea of bareness (which I'm a bit sorry about now, as I think that might have been fun, here and there...). We just got on with it, it was what people had.

It's only more recently in my 30s I've been more aware that people do stuff about it now as a routine thing. Can I be arsed, as someone who's single and not dating? Well, speaking of arses, it WAS easier to ignore before my 30s. Why must we grow crack-hair, why, why? Funny, I remember being 17 and getting a ticket signed by Gail from Belly who wrote 'Always keep your butt-crack shaved!' And I remember thinking, 'what does that mean?' Now I know... sigh.

The expense... the pain... the ingrown hairs and razor burn. I dunno. They need to design something better, preferably a device that allows me to tell my body exactly what to do, including my puffy thick angles, broken veins, fat distribution, boob direction, etc. etc. 


Tabitha Rayne said...

I say - bring back the bush! The crazy out of control poking out of the side of your knickers springy bouncy party that makes your 'lady area' a lovely welcoming mattress of pheromonal joy!!!

Vida said...

God knows, it would make life simpler! Yay for lady mattresses!