Sunday, May 18, 2014


Apparently we're in the midst of a 'Pandemic of Porn!' Where? Where is it all? OH. It's on the internet. And everyone is on the internet. Your four year old's watching porn right now. 


I dunno, I guess this is true. Teenage boys don't know women grow pubic hair and find the idea disgusting when they're told about it. Everyone thinks boobs are eternally round and huge and bouncy. 

It's funny... for all this porn watching, no one seems to be watching the good porn, do they? Crash Pad series, anyone? Nah, clearly not. No one's reading Susie Bright, either, are they, despite all this internet access. 

I dunno. My kids know women have pubes because they've grown up seeing mine and their dad's every so often. The body image you communicate to your kids about will have a far greater effect on them than porn will... if you teach them stuff. If you talk to them. If you guide them to positive sources of sex education and self-image construction. 

Or you could say nothing, let them loose on the internet and bitch about their fucked up view of the world. 

Ach, it annoys me. I saw some porn as a teen, and I know for a fact it didn't bother me in any way. Now I only saw quite classic porn, discovered in my parents' (remarkably unstashed) stash - it was sort of... innocent, in a way? I think erotica shaped my desires an awful lot more than porn did, if truth be told, and left me a bit unsatisfied with the vanilla fumblings I encountered. I don't know, perhaps porn gave me an unrealistic view of how easy anal is - but that was before the internet and the thing is, it's as easy to find a 'Beginner's Guide to Great Anal' as it is to find Unrealistic Anal Gangbangs, so meh to that. If your kids are old enough to search for porn, they're old enough to research and read around a little. How will they know to? Because you help them. 

I know there's shitty porn out there, I know there's a lot wrong - but the more popular and recognised porn becomes, the more pressure on porn makers to be ethical there will be, the more money will be available for better quality set ups. Consent is becoming a by-word, etc. Though, from what the performers are saying, the internet is killing porn as it was - it's getting harder and harder to make money now - the tube sites are scooping up all the punters for free. And if this is the case, doesn't it suggest that the pandemic of porn is hurting porn performers and producers most of all?