Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Suitcase

@EA-Unadorned has a story competition running, which is very mighty of him, and I thought I'd enter to practice forcing myself to write something - much obliged for the opportunity! 

It flowed in one perfect, inconceivable swoop, I got out of the plane first, walked to the conveyer belt and there was my red suitcase trundling towards me. I reached out as it passed, both of us in motion, and swiped it and carried on out the green door, through arrivals and on out into the fresh day, congratulating myself on such a smooth exit.

Twenty minutes later I was ensconced in my very comfortable hotel room, unzipping my case to get my wash bag, and lay out my merchandise for tomorrow's sales meeting. I tugged open the lid and was greeted by jewel coloured, lacy lingerie. My thoughts stuttered still for a second, confusion reigning. Who put ladies' underwear in my bag? It's not my bag. I took the wrong bag! I rummaged as gently as I could, looking for contact info. My hand came into contact with something cool, and hard and I pulled out what could only be described as a small urn. Good Jesus. A squeamish peep inside confirmed the worst. Ashes. I felt myself pale. I'd stolen the bag of a grieving mother, had kidnapped the cremated loved one she was presumably carrying home to bury. And in turn, she would have picked up my suitcase, which she would find full of... buttplugs. Dildos and buttplugs and all the rest of the sex toys I was bringing to showcase to a company here in the city.

I started to feel sweaty prickles of horror making their way down the back of my neck. I'd really excelled myself here. The phone rang and I snatched it up. A call for me from a Ms Linderson. I accepted it and a young woman's clipped tones filled my ear. She had my bag, did I possibly have hers? She sounded amused rather than offended. Perhaps it was the shock. Could we meet and exchange? She'd come to me. Thirty minutes. I gave her my room number and she rang off without another word.

I paced 'til the knock at the door came, then answered it all but ringing my hands. The woman who entered was not the broken, be-headscarfed mother I'd conjured in my head, but very much the owner of the beautiful lingerie. Her brunette hair was twisted into a  glossy chignon, and she was wearing a business suit, pencil skirt and tailored jacket over the crispest of white shirts. Several buttons were open to reveal a corset like top beneath. Her shining heels were breathtaking. I started to stutter an apology, and proffered her bag. She stared at me cooly, one eyebrow raised.

     'So, Mr. Davis, you've caused me a lot of trouble. Had me chasing round town. And I opened what I thought was my case to find such... naughty things...' She propped a hand on one hip, looking at me with what could only be described as a stern twinkle. 'How are you going to make it up to me?'
The world slid. I was on more familiar, if unexpected ground.
     'Any way I can, Ms Linderson.'

And so I found myself making reparation on my knees on the bed, face in the pillow and hands taped behind my back. Ms Linderson and stripped me without hesitation and snatched a roll of bondage tape from the collection in my bag, securing my hands with deft skill. It seemed she was a woman of experience. Her snapped out commands spoke directly to my hind-brain, bypassing any rational argument about us being strangers, and dropping me deep into an automatic submission I couldn't have struggled out of if I'd wanted to. I was utterly exposed, legs spread on the bed, cock rock-hard already and cheeks growing a happy pink as she spanked them with stinging slaps. Ms Linderson paused her punishment to run long nails up the the underside of my cock, the seam of my sack and tickle over my perineum. I squirmed on the bed, my anus twitching at the proximity of her touch, cheeks throbbing gently from her ministrations. I was desperate to rub against something.

     'Such a pity you don't have a paddle in your collection, Gareth. Happily, I tend to come prepared. She bent to her bag, and a swishing noise echoed in the room. 'Hmm?' I craned around to see her holding a short, whippy stick. I whimpered, and she ran the implement along my face in what she might have assumed to be a soothing gesture. Or maybe menace was the effect she was after. 'Ah, now, Gareth,' she cooed into my ear. 'You've told me what you wanted, no?' It was true, I had. Within minutes of walking in the door, she'd stripped me of my clothes and extracted my stammered, blushing desires from me. 'So just a little warm up,' she said, 'I do like a boy to be sensitive, before I get to know him better.'

The little hand held cane tapped and flicked against my thighs, not quite hurting as it fell but building into a sting. She whipped it up and down my thighs, stroking and slapping, tenderising the sensitive skin inside my legs. I writhed and pulled my legs closed and was rewarded with a proper stroke that made me yelp and shuffle back into position. She pulled my thighs wider, her nails scraping against my reddened legs. She moved her attentions to my buttocks, holding one me open with one hand between my legs, knuckles brushing my balls as her stick smacked down, too fast to keep count. I groaned as she switched between them, spreading the heat and the sting. She stopped and I took a deep breath, only to feel the cane sliding between my cheeks, stroking, the tip tickling my hole. 'Ready, Gareth?'

I moaned, but I nodded, and she started slapping the delicate skin around my asshole, the tapping vibrated into my prostate and made my cock throb. The slaps increased in pressure and it was hard to stay still. I so wanted to be good for her. Finally she started to land the strokes right between my cheeks, slapping and rubbing the cane right on my hole. My breath started to come in open-mouthed sobs, and my ass was opening for her in response. The whipping stopped. I could hear her tearing a lube packet open with her teeth, as the cane kept stroling over my reddened, swollen hole. 'Reach down and spread those cheeks for me, little slut.' I moved my hands to my heated cheeks as best I could, and shuddered as the cool lube hit my burning skin. Her fingers rubbed it in, circling my ass, pushing deeper. She pushed against the tightness and her finger slid inside, pumping into me firmly. She quickly added another, and fucked me with two slick fingers while I held myself open for her.

I was starting to groan and push against her when she snapped her fingers in front of my closed eyes. I opened them to see one of our own plugs in front of me. She pushed it into my mouth, getting it spitty, then pulled it out. She pulled her fingers from me, and replaced them with the tip of the fairly sizeable plug. She hadn't gone for one of the smaller ones. 'This is what happens when you present a woman with a suitcase full of sex toys, my dear.' I would have laughed, but everything I had was focused on the heat and pressure in my ass as the plug twisted in. 'Knees, on the floor.' Ms Linderson snapped her fingers again. I slid of the bed, onto my knees, facing her. She had taken off her jacket, and her shirt was open to reveal the corset she had on underneath, her breasts pushing out of it, creamy and firm. She rolled her sleeves up and began to hitch her skirt up to waist height. She was bare underneath her skirt, resplendent in her patent black pumps and stockings. She walked towards me, stopping in front of my face. She turned and bent at the waist, looking back at me. Her pussy, shaved bare and slick, was plump and delicious. Her ass was rounded and framed by black suspenders. She was gorgeous. 'Now, Gareth, pet, you have some work to do before that plug comes out.'

     'Ms Linderson,' I gasped out, 'I'm so sorry, for your loss.' It was completely the wrong time to say anything. I had no idea what I was doing, but I needed to acknowledge the awfulness of what she'd gone through before I put my face in her ass.

    'My loss? Oh, the urn! Don't worry about that, darling, it's just my mother's favourite Pom and I couldn't be happier, he was a horrible yappy little bastard. Now, sweet as you are, let's get that tongue to a better use.'