Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Veronica Wilde, author of “Devil’s Night”

Welcome to Veronica, and her story Devil's Night, from Bound By Lust

Who doesn’t love a play party? And who doesn’t love Halloween?
My story “Devil’s Night” actually takes place on the night before Halloween – the night when mischief reigns and tricks of a diabolical kind might be played. But it does take place at a play party, the very first one my character Ariel attends. And wow, is there some mischief afoot.
First Ariel’s boyfriend Tanner takes her to a party where topless maids and leashed boys are the norm. Then she sees Devin, the bike messenger from her office – young, arrogant and dangerously cute. Though she wants to play innocent with him, she winds up in a compromising position in a laundry room, then lies to her boyfriend about it. But the joke’s on her when she finds out that both men already know each other and were testing her loyalty. As punishment, she’s going to be the central attraction at the play party:

Ariel wobbled on her high heels as Tanner forced her to walk in front of him into the living room. Here the play party was fully underway with floggings, spankings and other scenes everywhere she looked. Yet to her rising panic, almost everyone stopped to look curiously at her. Of course, she thought miserably, I’m the new girl here. Her head reeled as Tanner clapped his hands.
“Hello everyone. This is Ariel. She was dishonest tonight and you know how we all feel about that. So now she’s going to be punished.”
She stared desperately at thick dark carpet. She felt like an object, a sex doll displayed for everyone to see.
Tanner smiled deviously. “Darren, Mitch, put the footstool in front of the mirror. I want everyone to watch this but I want to force her to watch as well.”
Watch what?
 “Go lay down across the footstool,” Tanner commanded and pushed her in front of him.
Catching sight of Devin’s smirk, her first instinct was to protest. But she obeyed. The footstool was a wide black leather ottoman big enough to cradle most of her. She was aware of every eye in the room on her as she awkwardly knelt on the floor and lowered herself onto the leather until her arms and head dangled from one end, her ass and legs from the other. It was an undignified position and the knowledge that cocky Devin was watching made it even worse. How could she ever face him in the office again?
Her panic intensified as the two men Tanner had called on bent over. One quickly cuffed her wrists together in black leather restraints while the other slipped her ankles into an iron spreader bar with two circular enclosures. It forced her legs apart until her red velvet dress strained tight against her thighs. Her face and bound wrists faced the mirror so she could see all of the guests gathering behind her. Her heart began to pound like a trapped animal’s. What were they planning on doing to her?
Tanner spoke to someone else, who handed him a black leather paddle. Oh god no. Was he really going to spank her here in front of everyone? He spanked her at home of course, and she loved it, but that was different from being spanked in public as a punishment. Unable to stop herself, Ariel twisted helplessly on the footstool. “Tanner, please.”
The first ringing slap on her bottom silenced her immediately. “Any further protests will result in additional blows,” Tanner said in a severe tone. “Is that understood?”
She nodded miserably.
She cringed, waiting for the next. Instead Tanner gently rubbed her ass through her dress, stroking her inner thighs. Abruptly, he pulled her dress up to her waist. She cringed, knowing everyone was looking at her tiny thong and thigh-high stockings.
“Well, now. Let’s see what you showed Devin.”
To her mortification, he slid her thong down her thighs and exposed her pussy to the entire room. Reflexively she tried to close her legs but the spreader bar held them far apart. Her face burned with embarrassment as everyone crowded around for a closer look.
I love writing M/M/F scenes, so this was a very fun story for me to write.
BoundBy Lust  is an incredibly hot read, with naughty stories of all kind to inspire your summer nights. Don’t forget to stop by the next stop on the tour with Teresa Noelle Roberts tomorrow - and of course you can always stop by and visit me , too.
Happy reading. ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Veronica and everyone, this seems to have copied over tiny, but if I make it bigger it gets HUGE! so I think this is for the best. I hope everyone can read it ok. Vida x

Anonymous said...

I stopped by and read the story Devil's Night, It was very wilde. I Loved it, Thank you.

Veronica Wilde said...

Thanks, anonymous! Glad you enjoyed it. - Veronica