Saturday, March 19, 2011


She's on her knees for him, working hard, reaching for his hips and he slides his fingers into her soft hair and grips, pushes her harder, takes away her choice that little bit more. Her mouth is wet and hot and so willing, her throat a tight treat that makes his own breath catch. He knows how each little gag puts pressure on her cunt, milks the cream out more. Her nipples are hard, her smooth breasts bounce.

She's drifting, so used, so wet, focused on air, and trying to keep a seal and follow the rhythm she can't set anymore. Her knees spread wider and the pulse pounds in her pussy. The pain in her scalp burns warm, the sound of his breath sings to her.

The dance continues, while she pretends she's giving and he pretends he's taking and the world shrinks to just that one high ceilinged room.


Craig Sorensen said...

Mmm. Very hot fragment!

Anonymous said...

Like a little piece of hot coal that shoots out of the fire?

My English has failed me, I can't think of a word for that :(

Vida x

Craig Sorensen said...


Anonymous said...

But an ember is the little glowing coal left over after the fire's gone out - not the hot piece that spits out into the room while the fire is roaring. Don't you think?

Craig Sorensen said...

I guess you're right.

How about:


Jo said...

Oh yes! That's what this is :)

Thank you Craig :)

It reminds me of the way my husband and his friends used to ask for a hair-tie-y backy thing when they needed a hair elastic. Or bobbin, as it so much better is in the States.