Monday, June 21, 2010

new fascination. archive diving

I'm a little bit in love. With MonMouth. Who I've read before, and liked, but never got involved with, bloggilly for some strange, foolish reason. But here I am at 00.48 am, with the cream cheese sitting unblended in the blender, lemons unzested, cheesecake uncaked and I'm still readingreadingreading his delicious, enticing, heartwarming posts about sex.

There's this tender, naughty compassionate enthusiasm for women, and people, and sex and lust and communication and so on, that I find irresistible, so real it makes me want to cry at times. I'd email him and ask if I could do an interview, if there was anyone visibly reading this. But two comments a post do not an enticing readership make, methinks. Especially when one of them's me.

Maybe it's only because he reminds me of someone. Maybe it's because his posts are so exceedingly hot. But yes. Little bit in love.

For something beautifully, achingly, breathtakingly dirty, try part 1 and part 2 of Parts for Wholes.


Demure Lemur said...

I now love him too. Fight ya for 'im!

Vida said...

Me and his army :)