Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dream-O s

A while ago something rare and precious happened. I was dreaming (rare and precious in itself, given the disturbing presence of wakey young son and snoring husband). That I was in my bed, with my lover lying behind me. We were looking for a belt, you know, as you do, and there wasn't one, so albeit reluctantly, I finally reached over and pulled my husband's from his jeans. I know. Symbolism symbolism.

Then my lover was no longer there, but I think at his instruction, I wrapped the belt around my mouth, and round my throat. And that was all it took - I came, all of a sudden, one of those surprising, brief, intense dream orgasms that always seem to be sparked by the slightest of things... like the merest brush of skin on skin, the briefest kiss. Once it was doing kinky stuff to a naked old man, and I woke up beyond disturbed. The subconscious is a strange and wondrous place. The belt-around-the-throat thing isn't something I'd conciously be into, so it's strange that it would be a trigger for a dream orgasm. Though hey, it's worth a daylight try, now, I suppose :)

Does everyone come in their sleep? Pop culture is all over the puberty wet dream, it's bigged up, and discussed, and referenced a lot. But there isn't a word about, or a word for, the female version - sure, you can call them wet dreams, but there's wet and there's the pulsations of your spasming cunt shaking you awake, know what I mean?

I suppose the reason I'm fascinated is that my waking orgasms are shy creatures, reticent, easily frightened away, and hard won. But my dreaming self clearly bypasses whatever inhibitions and fears and rational messing around that create the problem, and goes straight to O land.

Really, the only important question to ask is, how do I have them more often?


Janine Ashbless said...

Yep, I do too. They're fantastic, aren't they? And like you say, easy. Damn it, it's so unfair I can't have them every night! But you can't induce them by thinking dirty or going to bed horny: they simply arrive as a gift.

Vida said...

From the Come Fairies!

Anonymous said...

You gotta be seriously turned on before you go to sleep!